How It Works

MadHive is an innovative solution allowing Brands and Publishers to measure Customer Intent Data across TV, Mobile, and Web, while integrating secure blockchain technology.

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Capture Data

Fuel campaigns with MadHive Interactive Stamps to capture intent data on every viewer. Connected with data from Publishers, Brands, and trusted third-parties, MadHive builds the most relevant intent-based profiles.

Build Audiences

Segment profiles into intent-based audiences secured by blockchain. MadHive's cross-screen machine learning technology offers access to primed audiences across TV, Mobile, and Web.

Unlock Data

Audiences are secured by Blockchain, locked behind a cryptographic key that Publishers and Brands can give — and revoke — access to at any time. Unlock data to power future campaigns, generate more efficient CPMs and build data integrity.

Secure your data. Own your data. Unlock your data.

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MadHive solves big data problems while generating more efficient CPMs and building data integrity with Blockchain technology.

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