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MadHive is backed by Blockchain technology, the world’s most secure data protection protocol. With unparalleled security and portability, your data is safeguarded using smart contracts and cryptographic keys. Protect what you need, share what you want.

MadHive DMP

Data Enrichment and Interactive Advertising


Performance &


Cross-network, per-campaign pacing & performance reports
Easy to use Dashboard
  • Real-time delivery and performance tracking (avoid instances of over or under delivery of ad campaigns).
  • Optimize campaigns to ensure proper pacing and delivery.

Audience Planner

  • Enhanced zipcode targeting
  • Cross device
  • IP/device level tracking
  • Predictive Analytics powered by Machine Learning


Performance Insight


Daily impression delivery by placement
Device breakdown by OS and manufacturer
Engagement and video completion rate
User specific dashboards for easy understanding and internal presentation
Powered by our proprietary SuperTag

MadHive Audience Suite

Data Enrichment and Interactive Advertising


This proprietary one-tag solution leverages a single VAST Tag to:
Manage multiple partner ad servers and 3rd party measurement services with a single VAST Tag. Forget endless integration and updates - set it and forget it.
The Super Tag also allows placement of interactive stamps, along with advanced targeting / decisioning capabilities, increasing CPMs and empowering the salesforce to offer next generation ad technology.

Data Enrichment

Connect third-party datasets via Experian and Neustar, along with first and second party data, to fuel your targeting on a campaign by campaign basis.

Interactive Stamps

Powered by our proprietary SuperTag, MadHive Interactive Stamps offer:
Interactive AdvancedTV functionality
Dynamic, programmatic insertion
Optimized content based on audience targeting, e.g. regional buy in a call to action overlay based on zip code / IP address.

MadHive Yield Optimization Platform

Campaign Optimization & RTB Engine


Extension &

RTB Engine

Ensure return on investment & conversions for advertisers.
  • Extend the impact of video ad buys with MadHive's custom RTB engine. We programmatically place digital retargeting campaigns to turn ad viewers into direct customers.
  • Optimize inventory bidding for performance completion and ROI with our proprietary Machine Learning technology.