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be problematic

Advertising industry tools today are
complex: opaque, fraudulent,
expensive, and inefficient. Madhive
was founded to change that.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards not just because our customers demand and deserve the best, but because we believe the industry can - and should - be better.

We believe advertising technology should be simple, transparent, verified, economical, and efficient.

We challenge ourselves daily to build products that are easy to use, deliver exceptionally effective campaigns, and increase the power of your valuable ad dollars. From game-changing cryptography to the latest in cloud engineering, Madhive uses powerful new technologies coupled with world-class design to deliver evolved solutions.

We are committed to making truly impactful advertising technology that is simple and doesn’t break the bank.


Technology should simplify, not complicate. We strive to make products as simple as possible, from elegant technical solutions to easy-to-use design. If it’s not simple, it’s not Madhive. It’s as simple as that.


True insights come from true transparency. It’s no secret that the ad tech supply chain is as opaque as black-out curtains - and if we can’t see problems, we can’t improve. We believe solutions must be transparent in order to develop the insights we need to drive the industry forward.


We believe in facts, and we use math and science to deliver them. We use time-tested cryptographic techniques in new and innovative ways to ensure every impression, every piece of inventory, and every ounce of data can be verified. And you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ll pull back the curtain and show you how it’s done. We don’t grade our own homework.


Get what you paid for, not just a small fraction. The evolution of ad tech should decrease costs without decreasing benefits - whether it’s cutting out middlemen or bucking the “percent of media” pricing that’s so pervasive across the industry. Technology should transform your business for the better, right down to your bottom line.


Smarter, faster, and easier. All in one place. From applying tried and true methods in new ways to ground breaking new innovation, we think technology should make your business - and your life - more efficient. We obsess over it so you can speed through and get s&!t done.