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Solutions for advertisers

Audience-driven advertising & data solutions for OTT & AdvancedTV

Optimize Your Reach

Connect with viewers & generate
audiences with first-party-data

Easily turn your existing creative into interactive ads that convert viewers, and generate first party data you can use to create valuable audience segments.


Cookie’d on click, MadHive tracks, stores, and reports on campaign generated first party data in our blockchain backed, integrated DMP.


Track campaign performance down the funnel in our easy-to-use AdvancedTV Performance Dashboard - from views to clicks to conversion.

Identify and target key audiences using your first-party data alone, or easily leverage third party data from our integrated data partners, like Experian and Nielsen eXelate.

Prevent Data Leakage

Create encrypted, portable data you can safely use anywhere.

Advertisers and publishers have long known that not all inventory is created equal. But understanding the real value of OTT ad inventory is complicated, especially at scale. MadHive gives you the tools you need to increase your inventory’s value – from interactive ads and first-party-data, to precise audience targeting and campaign extension and retargeting.


Protect your audience data with cryptographic keys


Automatically unlock or share data with smart contracts

With MadHive, your TV audience segments can safely traverse walled gardens - even open programmatic marketplaces. With MadHive you can truly scale your most valuable audiences, leveraging them across platforms and channels.