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Take control of your inventory. Master your data. Streamline your workflow. Increase your revenue.

Use Data to Price Inventory Appropriately

Inventory & CPM Optimization

Advertisers and publishers have long known that not all inventory is created equal. But understanding the real value of OTT ad inventory is complicated, especially at scale. MadHive gives you the tools you need to increase your inventory’s value – from interactive ads and first-party-data, to precise audience targeting and campaign extension and retargeting.

Smart Inventory Optimization

MadHive optimizes inventory bidding for performance completion and ROI with our proprietary Machine Learning technology.

RTB Engine

Extend the impact of video ad buys with MadHive's custom RTB engine. We programmatically place digital retargeting campaigns to turn ad viewers into direct customers.

Attribution & Conversion Modeling

MadHive machine learning looks at the entire conversion funnel. Publishers receive a holistic picture of how their inventory effects ROI to the brands by matching success points from POS data, web visits or physical visits to the campaign as it runs on TV, digital, mobile and OTT channels.

Streamline and Simplify Workflows

Data & Delivery Management


Say goodbye to labor intensive data entry and management in order to plan and execute campaigns and track data across multiple channels and networks. Say hello to the MadHive DMP.

The MadHive supertag

Manage multiple partner ad servers and 3rd party measurement services with a single VAST Tag. Forget endless integration and updates - set it and forget it.

The Super Tag also allows placement of interactive stamps, along with advanced targeting / decisioning capabilities, increasing CPMs and empowering your salesforce to offer next generation ad technology.

Data enrichment toolkit

Connect third-party datasets via Experian and Neustar, along with first and second party data sources, to fuel your targeting on a campaign by campaign basis.