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Seller Solution

Secure demand and increase your CPMs with MadHive


Sell once, place anywhere

Optimize your yield across inventory, from linear to OTT and digital - including local audiences at a national scale.

Cross-channel Optimization

Optimize yield across channels, including linear, addressable, OTT, CTV, & premium video.

Cross-channel Forecasting, Planning, & Reporting

AI-enhanced precision forecasting delivers performance and impact across screens.

Verified with Cryptography

Cryptographically validated reach extension from linear to OTT, CTV, & premium video.


Everything you wish your ad server could do, but probably can't

Robust Capabilities, Simple Set Up

Activate your Demand-Path Optimization: Madhive SuperTag

Automatically analyze demand in real-time for the best outcomes, from pacing to pricing. Real-time data enrichment via Madhive’s DMP and Device Graph ensures better placement for advertisers, boosting inventory CPM.

Actionable insights

Accurate real-time recommendations help you deliver campaigns on pace, every time.

Real-time data enrichment

Madhive's DMP and OTT-First Device Graph ensures better placement for your advertisers, boosting inventory CPM.


Measure truth, not hearsay

With cryptographic verification, we deliver reporting you can trust.

Cryptographically Verified Measurement & Reporting

Understand your impact for your advertisers, and optimize for future sales.

Centralized Management

Easily monitor all your campaigns across all inventory sources.

Real-time Experiments

Introduce your buyers to new, more qualified audiences. Allocate a portion of inventory to our AI to deliver buyer’s the best audience at the best price.


Better results every campaign.

Madhive’s proprietary AI helps you deliver better results every campaign.

Eliminate Fraud & Maximize Value with Cryptographic Verification

Supply verification eliminates spoofing, validating your inventory and increasing its value to buyers.

Demand-path Optimization

AI maximizes your return while maintaining your contracts with automated pre-bid modeling.


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