CTV Solves for Crumbling Cookies—Learn How with Madhive

CTV Solves for Crumbling Cookies—Learn How with Madhive
By Madhive Marketing
March 11, 2024

After much anticipation, it’s finally happening. Third-party cookies are crumbling, and many advertisers are scrambling for viable alternatives to maintain campaign performance.

As of January 4, 2024, Google initiated Tracking Protection, restricting third-party cookies by default for 1% of Chrome users, with plans to phase out cookies entirely for all users by Q3-2024. Concurrently, major players like Apple and Firefox are contributing to the decline of third-party cookies through initiatives such as Link Tracking Protection and Enhanced Tracking Protection, respectively. This complex battle against third-party cookies has raised concerns in the ad tech industry about the potential impact on targeting effectiveness and campaign performance. 

If you’re an advertiser concerned about cookie deprecation, CTV may be the stone left unturned — and it’s time to turn it over.

CTV solves the challenges of targeting via cookies by instead relying on IP and AdID based segments. This approach allows you to reach relevant audiences more consistently while staying compliant with stringent privacy and data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

And Madhive can help you get it right.

Flexible, full-stack solution

Our independence from third-party data and cookie-based technologies stems from our homegrown bidder and device graph

Unlike competitors reliant on piecemeal technology stacks, we proactively built our infrastructure and solutions in-house with the ability to adapt as needed. Being in-house allows Madhive to stay ahead of the industry. Onboarding proprietary data from data vendors and establishing a direct link to our device graph has ensured stronger matches and higher fidelity data.

Not only that, as the industry changes (no matter in what direction), Madhive can adjust its device graph and bidder methodology to adhere to current day best practices - i.e we make sure we stay compliant with industry standards. 

Put your first-party data to work

First-party data has been heralded as the cookieless advertiser’s hero, but you need to be able to put that data to work in your campaigns.

We are a data-agnostic advertising platform. You can access pre-built audience segments on our platform that do not use cookie data, or you can pull in your own first-party data and build a custom solution. However you choose to define your audience — whether via device IDs, MAIDs, IPs, etc. — we can help you find and reach them on CTV. 

The Madhive platforms allows you to securely upload:

  • Offline data like CRM data (email, address, phone number) via the Madhive API Match ID 

  • Online data like viewership data, or data collected from your own bid stream/website/content via cloud solutions such as an Amazon s3 bucket or Google Cloud Platform.

And because we are not a data aggregator, you won’t encounter cookie-based data on our platform when using any of our direct partners. 

Enjoy accuracy and transparency with Madhive Data Marketplace

Many adtech vendors depend on third-party DMPs to onboard your first-party data to their platforms. But the Madhive Data Marketplace is designed to aggregate a curated list of data providers allowing for increased transparency in data sourcing and mapping. 

Eliminating the middleman allows for direct onboarding into our device graph, which means better match rates and higher data validity. This translates to improved accuracy in reaching the audiences you want to reach for your campaigns. 

Direct onboarding also gives us more visibility into how data is acquired and prepares us for third-party cookie deprecation. Partners and pre-built segments that Madhive provides are all IP based (not reliant on cookies). As cookies become unavailable, campaigns and reach accuracy will remain unaffected when using these segments. 

Our roster of direct data partners today includes:

Plus, many more data partners are on our roadmap.

Confidently comply with data privacy regulations

Safeguarding privacy is at the heart of everything we do. As a data-agnostic advertising platform, we've designed our approach to prioritize anonymity. 

We’ve taken a different approach than traditional ad targeting technologies. The Madhive platform empowers advertisers to securely upload both offline and online data and map to addressable segments, ensuring that individual privacy remains intact. We’ve also built the infrastructure to support direct connections with our data partners, minimizing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. 

This approach not only enhances security but also streamlines the process for our clients. Our partnerships with reputable data providers are carefully curated — and every data source meets our stringent standards for quality and compliance. Plus, prioritizing IP-based segments aligns our practices with evolving privacy regulations.

At Madhive, compliance isn't just a checkbox—it's a commitment. By keeping a close eye on developments in privacy legislation, we ensure that our practices remain not only ethical but also future-proof.

A cookieless future, reframed

While the shift away from third-party cookies may initially seem daunting, you can reframe it as a positive evolution for both brands and individuals. It marks a transition toward a more ethical and user-centric approach, paving the way for a healthier and more sustainable ad tech ecosystem.

But you’ll need to prioritize data privacy, accurate targeting capabilities, and provide future-proof advertising strategies. 

Learn more about how Madhive’s CTV platform makes it all fast and easy — and get started today.