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June 17, 2022

DTC fashion brand puts its first commercials on the big screen






Response Window

The Challenge

Determine whether CTV could be a competitive advantage

Many direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands were born into the digital era, adopting and scaling digital advertising of all types. But many of these brands still have yet to dip their toes into CTV advertising, leaving a lot of white space. This DTC, high-end women’s fashion brand saw the potential in CTV performance and decided to give it a go.

The caveat? Their campaigns must perform at least as well as their other digital channels—and they must be able to accurately assess full funnel attribution.

The Solution

Drive measurable engagement through programmatic TV

The fashion brand partnered with MadHive to build CTV campaigns that would deliver the high engagement and retention rates they expected—with accurate attribution.

Precise look-alike targeting

The fashion brand was already knowledgeable about their ideal audience—millennials with disposable income. By using context from their digital campaigns, they created precise look-alike audiences through CTV targeting households with the following attributes:

  • Females aged 21+

  • Household income 100k+ 

  • Washington DC metropolitan area

  • Single

  • Technology savvy

  • Wine/coffee aficionados

Pixel analysis to deliver insights

This DTC brand is accustomed to the actionable insights of digital advertising—and expected no less from CTV. Through the Madhive platform and pixel attribution, the brand was able to accurately assess campaign performance, including impressions, page visits, engagement rate, return rate and value driven per impression.

Detailed attribution and in-flight optimization

The DTC brand uncovered their most popular product pages and orders, then tied this information back to initial impressions to find their best performing ads. These insights allowed them to optimize in-flight performance and maintain steady engagement trends, month-over-month.

The Results

DTC Brand adds CTV to their media mix

The brand’s first CTV campaign generated over 250,000 impressions, which led to response rates that took place over an average four-day window. That means that after a viewer watched a commercial, it took her four days to visit the website—which demonstrates significant ad recall. Additionally, 15% of visitors returned multiple times to the site after the first touchpoint.

  • 250,000 impressions

  • 99.3% video completion rate

  • 15% repeat visitor to site