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September 13, 2022

Luxury department store chain increases revenue by millions through in-flight optimization


Revenue Generated


Return on ad spend


Increase in conversion rate

The Challenge

Prove CTV Can Drive Sales

A well-known department store chain was new to CTV advertising and looked to Madhive to build a performance-driven plan. They wanted to learn what combination of creative versions, audiences and channels would drive the best outcomes.

The retailer sought a way to iterate quickly on campaigns, drive site traffic, increase revenue—and accurately assess campaign performance to find areas for improvement.

The Solution

CTV ad technology delivers insights that drive results

Leveraging adtech poses a unique set of problems for brick and mortar stores, particularly assessing attribution and overall success. This department store chain partnered with Madhive to improve outcomes and achieve transparent full funnel results.

Precise targeting based on historical performance

Using Madhive tracking pixels, the retailer retargeted website visitors with CTV ads focused in locales with previous success. The most recent campaign, which garnered the $4M increase in revenue, was placed within the 500 best zip codes from previous campaigns.

Iterating for success

The Madhive platform allows users to clone campaigns as needed and modify only the variables that require changing. This retailer took advantage of this capability over the course of several campaigns to optimize performance. Single variable changes were made in cloned campaigns for creatives, locations and placement. These days through dynamic creative optimization you can create millions of combinations. Each iteration led to confident decision making and consistent improvements. 

Full funnel results

This luxury retailer took advantage of the Madhive ecosystem of data partners to accurately measure full-funnel results. Using this technology, the retailer was able to better understand broad awareness increase, site traffic generation, purchase attribution, and online sales lift. 

Reliable site attribution

Using Madhive pixel tracking, the brand was able to determine whether shoppers landed on the home page, add to cart page, or confirmation page. The precision from CTV targeting coupled with attribution reporting allowed for a holistic understanding of consumer behaviors.

The Results

A strategy that returns (measurable) revenue 

In partnership with Madhive, the luxury department store chain was able to granularly define the right audience of consumers most likely to shop with the brand. In the process of variable testing campaign creatives, locations and placement, they were able to increase return on ad spend, increase site traffic and drive revenue.  

Through Madhive, conversion rates increased by 8%. In their most recent campaign this resulted in a 23.5X return on ad spend which created a $4 million lift in revenue. 

  • $4M+ total revenue generated   

  • 23.5X return on ad spend

  • 8% increase in conversion rate