Wine Club
September 17, 20224 min read

Wine club finds connoisseurs on CTV, reduces CPA by 90%


+ impressions


+ conversion rate


+ decrease in CPA

The Challenge

Engage the right people with a compelling brand story

Many DTC brands (like Keeps, Dollar Shave Club, etc.) have created robust subscription models where consumers invest in the brand reliability more so than just the product. This model is great for recurring revenue—but convincing people of the upfront value proposition is often an uphill battle. 

This growing wine club needed a channel through which they could effectively build awareness and drive customer acquisition, while reducing cost per acquisition (CPA). 

They turned to CTV.

The Solution

Optimize campaign frequency and targeting to reduce acquisition costs

The wine club partnered with Madhive to create CTV campaigns that would find the club’s most receptive audiences and reach them at the optimal frequency for conversion. Their scalability would depend on reducing cost per acquisition—their goal was to reach a CPA of under $100.

Precise targeting by personas (versus single metrics)

Through our custom pre-sales planner, the brand was able to determine exactly what type of consumers would be most interested in subscribing to a wine club. This happened to be a very precise audience-type, in the Denver, D.C and Scranton areas. 

Intelligent dashboards for in-flight optimization

Tuning the message to resonate requires a level of consistency and follow-through. Through Madhive dashboards, the DTC brand found that the optimal ad frequency was two ads per person.  This frequency drove the highest click through rates—so they optimized their campaigns accordingly. 

Measurable results

Madhive attribution and pixel tracking gave the club accurate data on how well the campaigns worked. In total, the campaign had 1.8 million impressions, of which 800,000 were unique households. The brand achieved a 9.75% conversion rate with an approximate 8,000 visitors to the DTC website. 

The Results

Creating community members—not one-time customers

The CTV campaigns gave the wine club an opportunity to communicate their story and value in a premium, engaging medium, improving consumers’ willingness to commit to an ongoing subscription. 

Over the course of eight weeks, this DTC wine club was able to publish video content that had an average completion rate of 92.6%. As the campaign continued, they saw a 90% decrease in CPA, which allowed them to exceed their goal and achieve an overall profitable campaign. 

  • 1.8M impressions

  • 9.75% conversion rate

  • 90% decrease in CPA