Why Madhive is acquiring Frequence

Why Madhive is acquiring Frequence
June 11, 2024

Our vision is to build a digital advertising hub for local & SMB advertisers through an omnichannel platform that maximizes reach and ROI in national, regional & local markets. 

We founded Madhive in 2016 believing that the precision of local advertising would be increasingly valuable in a digital world. Today, we’re hitting a significant milestone in that journey. 

We're excited to announce that Madhive has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Frequence, the premier omnichannel ad sales enablement and workflow software for local media companies and agencies.   

Frequence offers an end-to-end, highly configurable solution to sell, manage, and execute omnichannel campaigns, and they drive sales efficiency by automating key ad operations and workflows.

With this acquisition, we aim to create a one-stop-shop platform for local advertising campaigns across all channels — streaming TV, search, online video, display, audio, out-of-home, and social. We’re able to do that because of the power of our products together. 

Integrating our platforms will harness Madhive’s specialized infrastructure and audience targeting, combined with Frequence’s self-service capabilities for planning, creative development, and automation.

Creating sophisticated CTV campaigns 

This complimentary set of tools will allow us to combine the remarkable traits of CTV with other metrics from across the marketing funnel. 

We believe that video is still the most emotional form of advertising — and TV makes it come alive. Yet TV ads are just one piece of an entire ecosystem of touchpoints that advertisers have with their customers. We want to support the entire customer journey, and we believe that CTV can be the anchor.  

With Frequence and Madhive together, advertisers will be able to reach a customer and create that initial emotional spark with CTV, then connect with them across the internet until they close the loop and convert. And they’ll do it all with the precision of our unrivaled geotargeting. 

Driving impact for our clients

All of this means that we’re able to put tools only previously accessible to larger national advertisers into the hands of local businesses, while also forging a new way for national SMB brands to run campaigns that optimize delivery and budget. 

That’s important to us because whether you’re an agency, local broadcaster, or SMB brand, we aspire for this acquisition to catalyze a transformative and beneficial impact on your business.  

We want you to attract more customers and close more business.  We want it to be turnkey for you to assess the impact of CTV through a holistic omnichannel offering.  We want you to hit your KPIs in cost-efficient ways. And we want you to do it all as seamlessly as possible.   

What’s next

Integrating the two platforms as proficiently as possible is our focus! We will rely on our community feedback loops to make sure we do it right — to make it the easiest, most effective way for broadcasters, agencies, and SMBs to execute impactful ad campaigns.  

Welcome to the team Frequence!