XO With Spence featuring Co-founder of TVREV, Alan Wolk

February 29, 2024

If you work in the world of TV advertising, chances are you’ve come across TVREV and Alan Wolk. In addition to speaking at nearly every important industry conference, Alan is known for inventing terms like FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) and for his ability to explain complex TV and adtech topics so anyone can understand.

But how did he become one of the industry’s top TV advertising analysts? I sat down with Alan to take a trip down memory lane and get a glimpse into his career. And with more than $11B in political ad spend getting ready to flood the market, we obviously got his take on industry trends such as local. 

So, with that said, grab your headphones and get ready for episode 2 of “XO With Spence”.

And if you’re on the go, here’s a link to listen on Spotify!

Episode Highlights 

  • Career Journey: Alan Wolk discusses his transition from law school to advertising and how he eventually became a creative director at major agencies. He was an early adopter of blogging, leading to consulting opportunities in social media and television, notably with HBO. He founded his own consultancy, focusing on digital and television media trends.

  • Local TV's Relevance: He recently conducted a large-scale survey revealing strong consumer interest in local TV, even among younger demographics. The survey highlights the potential of local TV in the streaming era, emphasizing geo-targeting capabilities for advertisers.

  • Trends in Political Advertising: He predicts a surge in political ad spending, particularly in local and down-ballot races, facilitated by CTV's targeting capabilities. These trends emphasize CTV’s efficiency and strategic advantages for targeted political campaigns.

  • Future of CTV and Local: He foresees increased access for small and medium businesses to TV advertising through self-serve platforms, potentially diverting funds from digital giants like Google and Facebook.