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Reach viewers across all streaming services through one simple platform.

Get better returns with an all-in-one platform

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Powerful planning capabilities

Find new insights and make informed decisions with extensive data on publisher performance, device distribution, and geolocation.

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Real-time optimizations

Improve your campaign performance, fast. Experiment with different audiences and locations, bid strategies, and ad creative on your timeline.

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Best-in-class measurement

Impressions, conversion rates, and all of the other usual (measurement) suspects give you insight into performance at a glance. 

Don't take our word for it

Marketing agency, Lifebrands, leverages detailed audience insights and the flexibility of a self-serve platform to deliver exceptional results.

“CTV is the future of the industry and we’re proud to be exponentially growing our business with the help of key partners like Madhive.”
—Rick Griswold, SVP Data Analytics at Lifebrands

Direct access to premium publishers

We have direct partnerships with premium TV publishers and industry-leading SSPs, giving our clients access to the entire CTV ecosystem. Together, we deliver a cross-channel TV advertising platform that's simple and powerful.

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