Engineered for IP-delivered TV

Get the edge you seek when it comes to buying CTV advertising. Our custom technology empowers marketers reach the right audiences, acquire new customers and prove campaign impact.

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What You Get

The Scale

The scale of TV, the precision of digital

With access to 100+ million households across every metro area in America and the only self-service platform that picks from over 10 billion OTT opportunities per day we're experts at meeting highly specific parameters. The result? Hyper-targered audiences at scale within your reach.


Purpose-built, IP-delivered TV

Industry changes come and go—depreciation of cookies, murkey supply paths, fraud after fraud—but we've future-proofed our platform with our own bidder, device graph, and data management platform. Finally, innovation and reliability.


Pioneers of performance

Everything possible with digital advertising, now on the big screen. Prospecting, retargeting, measuring, and more. CTV is a new landscape, a mix of broadcast advertising and digital marketing. Together we can blaze the trail that's right for you.

Our Platform

2.1 Behind-the-scenes data science

Behind-the-scenes data science

"Simple, seamless, dynamic," said no one about programmatic DSP UI—until now. Our platform is intuitive and easy to learn. We do the hard data science and machine learning stuff behind the scenes, so you can implement changes instantly and seamlessly, without running a million reports.

2.2 Self-serve software

Self-serve software

We're experts in integration, so you don't have to be. Bring your own data, audience segments, pixels, and more—our platform does the rest. From tracking conversions to targeting in-market consumers to retargeting site visitors, we are your partner in shaping advertising’s future

2.3 Campaign control across devices

Campaign control across devices

Access to 100% of American CTV households, direct integrations with hundreds of CTV networks and publishers, plus best-in-class audience targeting, measurement, and attribution providers. You get it all with our cross-channel TV ad platform.