TV Advertising Technology You Can Control

We bring the power of the internet to IP-delivered television so TV buyers can navigate the new wave of television.

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What You Get


Modern, all-inclusive solution

We custom-built on our own technology—like a proprietary bidder, device graph and pre-sales planner. This streamlines campaign planning, buying, and measurement to give you better returns.


Future-proofed full-stack ad tech

Hidden fees, gone. Unnecessary tech layers, out of here. Efficiency, yes, please. Make the most of every campaign across every device and channel with our collapsed, full-stack ad technology.


Personalized and customized support

Use our modular UI as designed, or work with us to build your custom solution. We deliver white-glove support, real-time optimization, and cross-channel dashboards to plan, activate, and measure for local content owners, creators and distributors.

Our Platform

1.1 Next-gen decision engine

Next-gen decision engine

Our bidder is coded for programmatic CTV, the fastest-growing and most complicated channel in advertising. Lightweight and video-focused, it's optimized for hyper-local campaigns and evenly paces more than 20,000 campaigns at once. Did we mention our bidder also processes an unrivaled 3 million queries per second? Yeah.

1.2 Identity data solutions

Identity data solutions

We built and use our own device graph to deliver highly accurate, high-fidelity campaigns. With 100 million CTV households under our belt, plus first-party data and third-party partnerships, you can control for household frequency, publisher, and device caps to ensure the integrity of your buys.

1.3 Pre-sales planner

Pre-sales planner

Ask our clients and they'll tell you: our audience planner is one of our best features. Build RFPs, adjust audiences for better results, adjust dayparting—however you choose to optimize your programmatic campaign, we'll deliver the most accurate prediction.