XO With Spence: Featuring Industry Legend Lou Paskalis

April 02, 2024

Lou Paskalis is a name you may recognize from his previous positions at E&J Gallo, American Express, and Bank of America, or perhaps from his latest consulting endeavors. However, what you may not know is that he never intended to enter the media industry in the first place. 

In the latest installment of "XO With Spence," I had the pleasure of interviewing Lou about his career journey, the origin of his famous "don't expect what you don't inspect" motto, and his most memorable marketing experiences. We also delved into his insightful predictions for the future of the industry and how you can prepare.

As always, I am grateful to our dedicated audience and proud to present episode 3 of "XO With Spence."

And if you’re on the go, here’s a link to listen on Spotify.

Episode Highlights:

  • Unexpected Career Path: Lou Paskalis entered the media industry by chance, starting his journey at E&J Gallo after a unique encounter. Lou’s story underscores the power of seizing opportunities, as his decision to join E&J Gallo was influenced by a charismatic offer despite lacking details about the job.

  • Industry Predictions: Lou predicts further integration of CTV (Connected TV) and RMNs (Retail Media Networks), the increasing value of data over traditional ad inventory, and the crucial role of AI in creating relevant, engaging content. Lou also discusses the decline of local news and its implications for communities, pointing out the necessity to support innovation to sustain local journalism.

  • Advocacy for Integrity and Continuous Learning: Lou stresses the importance of integrity, the relentless pursuit of learning, and adapting to industry shifts to stay relevant and successful.