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June 17, 2022

Software company achieves 4.5X ROAS through cross-device CTV advertising


Lower acquisition cost


Return on ad spend


Incremental OTT conversions

The Challenge

Evolve to a more modern acquisition strategy 

This client became one of the world’s most well-known cybersecurity companies in the 2000s, relying largely on the pre-installation of their software on new PCs. But as times changed from the days of the CD-ROM to the cloud, so did their marketing needs.  This cybersecurity giant found themselves in need of a new generation of users for their annual subscription product — and it was costing the brand a bundle to find and engage these prospects on social media and linear TV. The software company sought a way to reach new and incremental audiences and reduce their overall cost of acquisition, while also integrating with existing omnichannel campaigns to optimize their media presence.

The Solution

CTV ads reach just the right people, at just the right exposure level

The software company teamed up with Madhive to add programmatic CTV advertising to their mix. Because their overall goal was to decrease cost of acquisition (COA), optimizing their campaigns to reach the correct audience would be crucial.

Retargeting on CTV

Using Madhive tracking pixels, this client retargeted website visitors with CTV ads placed in their prospects’ favorite shows.

Ultra-precise targeting

The client used Madhive’s real-time data to target precise audiences based on household, geolocation, demographics, interest, and more. Targeting was based on highly specific parameters like in-market behavior, contextual viewing, and competitive conquesting.

Cross-device frequency caps

To ensure that potential customers were not served the same ads repeatedly, Madhive leveraged their proprietary bidder and device graph to control the audience and frequency of the ads. These frequency caps made sure their prospects weren’t repeatedly hit with the same ads across multiple streaming devices.

Custom performance dashboard

The Madhive engineering team created a custom dashboard to monitor the clients performance across linear and CTV. The dashboard pulled reports on exposure across both for a better understanding of the new, incremental audiences they were reaching.

Real-time optimization

Using Madhive’s in-flight campaign recommendations and machine learning, the client optimized their campaigns in real time across all of their media efforts. By using Madhive’s dashboard and separating campaigns by creatives, they effectively increased their conversion rates by narrowing down the best performing creatives.

The Results

Top-of-funnel growth…delivered

In partnership with Madhive, this software company connected with and converted the new generation of customers they needed. And they were able to do it while significantly reducing acquisition costs and consistently increasing return on ad spend.  By integrating CTV into their marketing mix, the client reduced their average cost per acquisition by 20.17% and in 2022, they averaged a 4.5X return on ad spend. And out of all CTV conversions, 57% were incremental — audiences that would not have been reached through linear advertising alone. 

  • 20%+ lower acquisitions costs

  • 4.5X return on ad spend

  • 57% incremental OTT conversions