Madhive and Katz Media Group Bring Scale and Transparency To Political Advertising With Largest CTV Marketplace

June 15, 2022

NEW YORK - June 15, 2022 - Madhive, the enterprise software company that powers modern media, and Katz Media Group, the largest media representation company in America, today announced a partnership to bring scale, transparency, and privacy compliance to Connected TV (CTV) for political advertisers. 

The joint offering will create the largest local CTV marketplace for political advertising, including inventory from Madhive’s local broadcast clients and more than 1,300 publishers and exclusive marketplaces from the Katz Digital Video portfolio. Katz will also provide managed services to execute and optimize campaigns across inventory sources enabling brands to custom target consumers at scale by platform and geography. 

This partnership will provide the tools and expertise to advertisers for targeting, real-time optimization, sequential messaging, frequency control, incremental reach, and attribution against a variety of KPIs. Additionally, the neutral political offering will provide access to heat maps and tables across 400+ congressional districts, and an ecosystem of best-in-class data partners including TargetSmart, L2, and much more.

“In 2020, more than 25% of the broadcast political ad dollars were placed through Katz Media Group,” said Mark Gray, CEO of Katz Media Group.  “This partnership will allow us to bring additional scale and inventory to the marketplace, while optimizing efficiency and neutrality by enabling advertisers to access billions of impressions from thousands of news organizations through one platform.”

"Every month we serve billions of local CTV impressions across all 210 DMAs," said Adam Helfgott, CEO at Madhive. “This uniquely positions us to identify local voters at national scale based on a variety of parameters including geography, demographic, interests, and political party. And with our network of direct partnerships, we can report ad placement at a granular level and measure things like website visits, email signups, and donations, all while ensuring consumer privacy.”

“Industry experts estimate Political Ad spending to exceed $9 billion in 2022, with CTV accounting for $1.5 billion as parties leverage the personalization capabilities and premium environment of digitally delivered TV,” said Doug Pfaff, President of Katz Digital Video.

About Madhive

Madhive is an enterprise software company that powers modern media. Madhive's advertising suite provides tools for audience forecasting, precision targeting and activation, and cross-screen attribution against its proprietary CTV-first device graph. Customers include advertisers that leverage Madhive's next-generation cryptography to prevent fraud and increase margins, and broadcast giants that leverage the platform to power their digital TV offerings.

About Katz Media Group:

Katz Media Group is the largest media representation company in America, delivering advertisers’ local impact on a national scale.  Katz provides access to over 250 million weekly active consumers across the country through its three companies - Katz Radio Group, Katz Television Group and Katz Digital Group – collectively serving as the trusted sales partner to more than 3,300 radio stations, 700 television stations and an expansive portfolio of video and audio digital partners.  With audiences in every market, Katz uses its unparalleled national reach, latest technology, data, and strategic insights to create custom campaigns to help advertisers target and connect with local consumers nationwide.  Katz is based in New York City, with 13 regional offices. For more information, visit us online at

About Katz Digital Video:

Katz Digital Videooffers America’s most dynamic one-stop-shop for digital video solutions, providing marketers access toan ever-expanding portfolio of more than 1300 publishers and exclusive marketplaces — Katz OTT and Katz Live — designed to make digital media buying easy.  Katz OTT is the largest aggregator of impressions in a unified ecosystem, reaching viewers at scale with impression-level data and targeting.  Katz Live is the first-ever live streaming marketplace with exclusive digital feeds of music, sports, e-sports and entertainment available to target your audience when and where they consume media live. Katz’s immense audience reach combined with proprietary technologies enables brands to custom target consumers at scale where they are – by platform and geography — providing granular reporting, real-time analytics, and insights with premium content.  For more information, visit us online at