Madhive Launches Local CTV Marketplace For Political Advertising

Madhive Launches Local CTV Marketplace For Political Advertising
February 27, 2024

New York, NY — February 27, 2024 — Madhive, the leading software platform engineered for modern TV advertising, today launched a local CTV marketplace for political advertising. Through a best-in-class marketplace specifically for political advertisers, buyers will be able to combat fragmentation, streamline activation and navigate inventory scarcity for the 2024 election season. As part of this launch, Fox Television Stations will be first-to-market as one of the pioneer clients leveraging Madhive’s political offering.

Michael Page, Senior Vice President of Digital Sales for FOX Television Stations added, “We are very excited to offer our FLX CTV product and our partnership with Madhive to the growing OTT political marketplace. Our ability to target every congressional district in the country using the combination of FLX’s scale and Madhive’s award-winning technology provides an excellent opportunity for campaigns of all sizes to target potential voters. FOX’s expertise in handling high-volume buys and the significant targeting capabilities of our FLX product in all 210 DMAs make us a must-use resource for nearly every race in the country.”

Today, Madhive is trusted by America’s leading broadcasters, collectively covering all 210 DMAs across the US. Madhive’s unique political solution offers marketers the most advanced capabilities to tap into the $11 billion dollar political market by ensuring precise hyperlocal targeting at scale. 

Madhive’s platform already provides buyers with tools for planning, targeting, activation and measurement against a variety of full-funnel performance indicators, such as website visits, email signups, and donations, all while ensuring consumer privacy. The platform delivers 20,000+ campaigns daily, including political campaigns at all levels of office, from local sheriff, mayor, and state seats to presidential campaigns. 

By expanding into a purpose-built political offering, Madhive’s solution includes access to political data partners, such as Datatrust, TargetSmart, Experian and L2, as well as ACR segments specifically intended for political targeting. It also includes privacy-compliant first-party data onboarding, which enables customer data to be securely uploaded and activated within 24 hours. Madhive's pre-curated political supply product includes premium inventory from major programmers, OEMs, and streaming platforms to bolster national and local scale.  

Additionally, Madhive's CTV planner tailors media plans for political campaigns by leveraging IAB categories to target publishers accepting political ads, providing a more realistic prediction of political campaign delivery. 

In creating a local CTV marketplace for political advertising, Madhive is also helping alleviate a major pain point for the industry by enabling buyers to target potential voters across 400+ congressional districts on CTV. During the tight political season, many advertisers rely on targeting based on designated market area or zip, which can be a less precise way to connect with their potential constituents. 

On top of its CTV Advertising Software Platform, Madhive has created a portal to track political pacing and campaign estimates to help clients navigate scarcity and predict potential pricing fluctuations during the political season.

“Because we serve billions of local CTV impressions across all 210 DMAs, Madhive is uniquely positioned to identify local voters at national scale based on a variety of parameters including geography, demographic, interests and political party – all while ensuring consumer privacy. What’s more is we can go beyond DMAs and target by congressional district, which can be a less precise way to reach political constituents,” said Kristin Wnuk, SVP of Sales at Madhive. “Additionally, our party-neutral political offering will provide AI-powered insights into performance and campaign clearing, which enables in-flight optimization based on outcomes from an ecosystem underpinned by best-in-class data partners.”

The 2024 election cycle is expected to hit a record $11 billion in advertising spend, with $7.5 billion on down-ballot races and $2.7 billion on the presidential election. Of that, $1.3 billion will be spent on CTV as candidates look to leverage the digital targeting capabilities in tandem with the sight, sound and motion of the most impactful screen in the home as a way to drive results at the polls.

To learn more about Madhive’s Local CTV Marketplace for Political Advertising click HERE.

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